Приглашаем учителей английского языка посетить семинар издательства NationalGeographicLearning, который состоится 29 ноября 2018 г. с 15 ч. до 17.30 ч. в КОИРО по адресу: ул. Томская, 19, ауд. 205.

Семинар проводит методист издательства AlexanderWarren (имеет сертификат DELTA, опыт работы в качестве преподавателя, академического директора и преподавателя курсов повышения квалификации более 15 лет).

Темы семинара:

Connecting Learners to the World - the Power of Personalisation (напримереучебника LIFE)

Life in the 21st century is a life living in a global community. As such it’s vital to not only enable students to communicate effectively but to have an understanding of and be able to make connections to that world. We need to teach students about other people, cultures and places of the world, but at the time we also need to make it relevant to them, to make it personal. And so enabling them to make connections between themselves and others is vital. After all, they are all connected through the lingua franca they are learning. In this session we’ll explore how using Life 2nd edition we can connect learners to the world through personalisation and bring the classroom to life.


Developing 21st Century Professionals with TED (напримереучебника KEYNOTE)

It’s a big bad world out there and it’s a place where if you want to not just survive but succeed, you have to have the necessary skills and knowledge. With 3 billion non-native speakers of English in the world, it is undeniably the lingua franca of the world, but students don’t need to just be able to communicate in English. It needs to be so much more than that. They need to be able to do everything in English. Referencing National Geographic Learning’s Keynote series, in this practical session we’ll explore how we can use TED Talks to help develop the skills and knowledge students really need to get ahead and be successful 21st century professionals.

Семинар организован книжной компанией «Британия в Калининграде» и Кембриджским ресурсным центром при поддержке Калининградского областного института развития образования.

По окончании семинара все участники получат сертификат.

Во время семинара будет работать выставка-продажа.

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