Вебинар от издательства National Geographic Learning

Уважаемые коллеги!

4 марта в 16:00 по московскому времени состоится эксклюзивный вебинар от издательства National Geographic Learning для России.
Спикер мероприятия - Alex Warren - приготовил для вас интересную тему на базе обновленного курса Close-up: Connect 4 - the importance of connections in language learning.

"Language learning is all about connections. To be effective it needs to be both comprehensible and meaningful for the learners – they need to be able to connect it to their prior learning, to themselves and to the real world. But they also need to make connections with each other in the classroom environment, be that in a physical or virtual space.

In this webinar we’ll explore how, using National Geographic Learning’s New Close-up series, teachers can be more effective in facilitating learning and help students make the connections they need to be successful language learners."

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